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  • How we started our DIY Breast Milk Jewelry Kit - The Scientific Way....

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    How we started our own DIY Breast Milk Jewelry Kit......

    We started to see that breast milk jewelry has become extremely popular among mummies in every part of the world. But since my 2 kids are already in their teens, my wife had obviously missed this fantastic idea of turning breast milk into jewlery as a keepsake.

    My friend gave birth to a baby boy in 2013 and the first gift that comes to my mind was breast milk jewelry! I proceeded to order the first diy kit from an online store and made a piece of jewlery for a her. It was very easy to DIY but it  embarrassed me 3 months later as i have been told that it has turn yellow!

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    So I began to do research online and found out that many companies are just out there to make quick money but without a proper scientific way of preservation method which they call it their "secret way." I have talked to several of my friends who works in a lab and also some resin jewelry crafters that has been using resin for the past decade. I just want to find out about the true science behind these preservation method. I did order a few more kits from different sellers online as part of this project to send it to the lab and for my own testing.

    With all the help from my friends who major in biology science and my jewelry supply customers who are expert in resin, I have managed get this breastmilk jewelry done for my friend once again using my own method without using resin. The colour of this piece of preserved breastmilk jewel crafted by me has remained the same colour for the past 10 months.

    And I have since decided to launch this Breast Milk Jewelry DIY Kit to complement my range of personalized jewelry.

    All our kits comes with 180 days money back guarantee*

    We believe that by using true science your milk will then be properly preserved instead of using any unknown "secret recipe" that many out there are offering.

  • DIY Breast Milk Jewelry Kit Reviews and Testing


    DIY Kit purchase online with Shop A

    This was my 1st purchased of DIY Kit online to make it into a unique gift for my friend. The kit includes a solid white piece of round stuff which the shop name it “solvent”. Unfortunately, i do not have any picture of this solvent as there wasn't any extra and during that time, product review on these kind of DIY Kit did not come to my mind.

    This white solvent is to be melted and thereafter added with 5ml of breastmilk, put it into the pendant provided and seal it with a lid using a strong smelling adhesive. Steps are easy to follow and the jewelry is really beautiful when i just made it. 


    As you can see from the image on the left, the picture was taken straight after the breast milk was cured and sealed as per the instructions. I do not deny it looks absolutely awesome. But to my disappointment, my friend showed me the piece of keepsake 3 months later. She was shocked and i was so disappointed and embarrassed. It has turned yellow and the contents in the breast milk has shrunk so much. I have contacted the seller several times but i did not receive any reply at all. I was really furious and felt so cheated! I went ahead to contact my friend who is an expertise in biology science. He did some testing what exactly is inside the glass dome and found out that there's traces of soap base! Anyone with basic common sense will know that how can anyone uses soap base to preserve milk! I wonder how many mummy has already purchased such DIY Kit online and has the same issue as me. I wasn't able to get my money back as its already over 60days from my purchase. But if you are looking for any breast milk jewelry, please make sure this isn't the kind of DIY kit you are going to purchase. During our research online, there is an established breast milk artist posted that some sellers locally and China uses paraffin wax instead of soap base in their breast milk jewelry DIY kit!


    DIY Kit purchase online with Shop B

    I continuously seeing more and more DIY kit selling online. I decided to try another kit from another seller. Seller advertised it as “secret perfect formula” This purchase was even more ridiculous. The kit comes 2 bottles of clear liquid, one was thicker than another, wooden ice-cream stick, syringes, etc. I opened up both bottle of clear solvents and through my experience, its just Epoxy Resin! I even verified with my business partners as they have been using resin for more than a decade. And i was told that resin hates moisture! If any of your friends who uses resin for craft, I am sure everyone from this field knows resin is not a friend of liquid! All inclusion has to be extremely dry before you can even add it into resin. Anyway, i proceeded to test out the kit to see the result.

    Result : This is even worst than the 1st kit using soap base. See the colour changes in just less than 2 weeks! It has clearly shown that resin hates moisture and it does not preserve liquid at all! I have tried adding just pure drinking water into resin, within a few seconds, it turned from transparent to white as well. So this is a complete rubbish way of preserving. Try it if you have resin at home!


    Do share and comment if you had similar experience with any Breast Milk jewelry DIY Kit.