Bulk Purchase - Breast Milk Measuring Tube for Breastmilk Jewelry Making

Bulk Purchase - Breast Milk Measuring Tube for Breastmilk Jewelry Making
  • $10.00

This listing is for bulk purchase of glass vials for the breast milk dust. Can be used as pendant or charm. 

This is for Bulk purchase Adhesive. 100 measuring tube per 1 Quantity. 


Our DIY Breast Milk Preservation Kit allows you to preserved your breastmilk into  memorable pieces of jewelry. With our DIY kit, your breast milk is transformed into breast milk "dust" which enables you to safekeep your breast milk "dust" into our little vial provided and can be attached to your necklace.

Your breast milk is preserved using the scientific way using pharmaceutical grade preservatives and solidifer to transform your breast milk into "dust". So this last forever! It will be meaningful for you to pass it on to your child when they grow up.

You CAN add the breast milk dust into resin to create shapes but we DO NOT recommend because there is no consumer grade epoxy or polyester resin that guarantee no yellowing over the time. The speed of yellowing is different. Sometimes faster and sometimes slower.

There is no colouring added to our preservation kit, the preserved breast milk dust will follow the colour of your breast milk.

Yes, we are Silversmith and not breast milk jewelry artist! Cutting, polishing, buffing and plating jewelry is our main expertise. BUT bad experience from our previous purchase motivated us to create this special kit to complement our range our jewelry.

Read more about our testing and review on the DIY kits we have used and tested.


Processing Time

1-3 working weeks for bulk purchase 

All our kits comes with 180 days money back guarantee

*For any discoloration within 180 days
*Guarantee will be void if breast milk dust is added into resin or other chemicals. 
*Refund amount is only for the kit and does not apply on the jewelry and shipping fee.
*Strictly no refund for any user error.

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