Dropshipping Membership - Breast Milk Jewelry

Dropshipping Membership - Breast Milk Jewelry
  • $69.00

Join the Ninetwofive Jewelry Family.

Are you a storeowner, midwife, doula, nurse or mummies looking to start your own breastmilk jewelry business either to generate more sales for your business or to earn extra income during your free time? Join our dropship program now with Ninetwofiive Jewelry!

Ninetwofive Jewelry started our Breast Milk Jewelry business since year 2014. At Ninetwofive Jewelry, we uses the scientific way by using the pharmaceutical grade preservatives and solidifier to transfrom breastmilk into dust so that it will last forever! Till date, more than 500,000 breastmilk kits has been used by breastfed mommies around the world!

How does Drop shipping Works?
With this service, you must sign up for a membership subscription on our website. We offer two options, : Monthly Subscription of $69. There will be a minimum of 3 months lock-in period. (which means you cannot cancel your subscription during the first 3 months).

Monthly Subscription fee of $69 will be reimburse as store credits once you have reached total monthly sales of $350 for the particular month. Which means there is no cost incurred being our drop-ship agent as long as you are a active seller.

Once you are an active member, you will be approved to market and sell our products. Our members then gain access and see which each product's dropship pricing.
Once you sell any product, our shipping department will be promptly blind dropship the order to your customer. Once we have shipped the order, you will receive a tracking number.

Frequently Asked Questions 

How much does Dropship Membership cost?
To become a member, there will be a monthly membership cost of $69. There will be a minimum lock in period of 3 months. There will be a reimburse your $69 membership fee in store credits once you have reach a total monthly order of $300 ( Retail Value) for the particular month. Which means there is no cost incurred being our Dropship agent as long as you are an active seller!


Why are you charging Dropship membership fee since its like FREE after the reimbursement? 

In order to be fair our current reseller and retail customers, we have implemented the membership scheme to prevent misuse of our drop ship program for personal gain. And YES! we have deal with a number of cases. 


What dropship discount do you offer?

We offer a 40% off retail value for all our Breast Milk Jewelry Supplies except collection under 'Bulk Supplies' as these are already in wholesale pricing. 

How do I cancel an order?
Cancellation can only be made within 12 hours from the time of placing your order.


Will there be any of your logo or website on your packaging?

For dropship orders, we use the blind ship method which means, the whole contents will be shipped without website address or logo. 


How much does shipping cost?

Please refer to our shipping page for more information. 


How do i cancel my dropship membership? 

You may request to cancel your membership anytime after the 3 months lock in period. Cancellation made after a recurring subscription charge is not refundable.  



If you have further questions or concerns on our dropship program, please contact us  at ninetwofivejewelry@hotmail.com


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